How To Get The Best Value Vacuum Cleaner For Your Money

Looking at the Dyson DC25 vacuum cleaner, you know it is something out of the norm. Dyson has become known for innovative vacuum designs that have a very modern attractive appearance, but what most people don’t know is it’s not just design for design’s sake. The unique design features found on the Dyson DC25 happen to be there for very good reason.

Besides looking different from your old vacuum cleaner that you have been using for thirty years, this Dyson ball upright vacuum also functions quite different! Let’s take a look at the features to see exactly what it has to offer.

The Dyson ball

Most vacuum cleaners have a rectangle shaped head that moves over the floor, which is why they aren’t that easy to maneuver around corners and in between furniture legs. This is exactly why Dyson has invented ball vacuums such as this one. Rather than having that large rectangular head, this vacuum includes a bright yellow ball that allows the vacuum to go around corners and to maneuver obstacles a lot easier. Much better than an industrial canister vac.

With the Dyson ball you can turn and twist the vacuum in a variety of directions so it isn’t just back and forth and you never have to completely lift the entire vacuum off the floor to get the right lines while cleaning.

Cyclone Technology

You may heard the term “cyclone” by now since so many vacuum manufacturers are using this technology to ensure the vacuum does not lose suction while in use. This technology ensures a continuous suction force so that you never have to worry about losing suction while using the vacuum.

You also have to worry much less about the vacuum clogging up with cyclone technology.

Multi-Floor use

You can use the Dyson DC25 on any type of flooring from the thickest carpet to tile and hardwood. Use the brushbar to ensure excellent pick up of pet hair and other debris from carpeting and then turn that feature off when going over hardwood floors and rugs that you don’t want to damage.

HEPA Filtration

One of the big advancements in vacuum technology is the HEPA filter which allows the vacuum to essentially clean your air while cleaning your floors. The HEPA filter processes the air before it is pushed back out into your home, removing a lot of the allergens and toxins that could affect your breathing. Another great vacuum with a sealed HEPA unit is the Shark Navigator NV356e Professional.

This is an essential vacuum feature for any household where someone has asthma or allergies.

Bottom-Emptying Dust Collector

The dust collection cup empties from the bottom with the simple push of a button. This is important because you can hold the cup down inside the trash can and you never have to worry about dust and debris flying up in your face and into the air, which is what happens when you have to dump it over from the top.

What many users love about the Dyson DC25 is how easy it glides over the floor and how functional it is inside the home. You can use one vacuum cleaner on every floor surface throughout your entire home without damaging anything, losing suction, or taking it apart to find the clogs.

This is one powerful vacuum cleaner that is just perfect for pet owners and people with allergies. Just ask Pet Vacuum Guy.

I actually prefer the Dyson DC33 without the ball technology. You can read more in my comprehensive Dyson DC33 Multi Floor review.